How to Create Employee Advocates

Tiffany Jin
December 3, 2023
2 min read
What is employee advocacy?
Employee advocacy involves leveraging your workforce to authentically promote your brand. It's the idea that engaged and satisfied employees can become powerful ambassadors, sharing their positive experiences and contributing to the overall promotion of the company.

Employee advocacy is a powerful strategy for organizations not only for companies to amplify their consumer brand but also their recruitment efforts to attract talent. Employee referrals are at their core, one of the greatest forms of employee advocacy for reasons below. We’ll also share examples on how to turn successful referral stories into great advocate content. 

Networking Amplification

While typical advocacy might be limited to online platforms, referral programs extend into personal and professional networks. Employees actively engage with their connections, spreading positive sentiments about the company and creating a ripple effect in their broader community.

Cultural Ambassadors

Referral programs tap into the natural tendency of employees to share their workplace experiences. When they refer someone, it goes beyond recommending a skilled professional – it's a testament to the company culture. Employees become culture and brand ambassadors, promoting their company as a great place to work.

Authentic Endorsements

Referrals are powerful because they are genuine endorsements from someone who knows the company. This authenticity adds weight to the advocacy efforts, making it more convincing for potential hires who value real perspectives. 

How to turn referrals into top advocacy content

Employee advocacy initiatives oftentimes involve tapping into the aggregate social media presence of its employees. Oftentimes companies simply allow their employees to easily share company promoted content to their networks. I’ve previously written about how I think referral success stories are under-utilized content.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are examples of companies that are telling their referral stories right. These stories and gold! The more a company encourages employees to make referrals and create these great connected employer experiences, the stronger their advocacy effects will be. 

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