What if you could encourage employee referrals to your hiring events too?

Eqo helps you increase employee referrals to not only your open jobs, but to your hiring events as well – all while streamlining admin tracking in one platform.

Employee Referral Solution

Employee referral software
Employee Referral Platform

An employee referral platform that expands the power of employee referrals to your hiring events

Simple, frictionless and easy-to-use for both, your employees on the frontline and your team managing your employee referral program.

Employees share their unique RSVP event link

All generated via text. No apps needed

Candidates RSVP through that link

Simple RSVP experience for candidates

Referrals auto tracked & bonus amounts adjusted

Automatically in your employee referral platform

Yes, you can also use Eqo for your overall event management and general attendees. No need to pay for a separate hiring events tool

Employee Referral Platform

And there's so much more

Event text Reminders

Eqo automatically sends text reminders to those RSVP'd 3 days and 1 day before the event

One-click "Add to Calendar"

Allows RSVPs to add the event to their calendar in one-click

Leaderboards & Gamification

Automated leaderboard to recognize your top ambassadors inviting others to your hiring events

Referral Scores

Create a healthy referral behavior by rewarding those with a high referral rating score.

In-Depth Data & Analytics

Capture your employee referral program and hiring event analytics with all the data at your fingertips

Employee Dashboard

Save time spent on answering questions. Keep employees in-the-loop about their referrals and payouts

Quick & Seamless Integration with 30+ ATS & HRIS Systems

Eqo connects to all major ATS's and HRIS's to provide a seamless  experience for your admins, your employees, and your candidates.
Employee Referral App for Nurses

The employee referral platform to attract more people like your best people

Eqo is the employee referral solution that saves you time and helps you attract and retain top frontline talent.