Save Time With End-to-End Referral Tracking Automation

Eqo connects to your ATS & HRIS to create a streamlined process of tracking employee referrals & payouts.

Tracking Automation

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Employee Referral Solution

No More Spreadsheet Tracking

Employee Referral Tracking

Eligibility automatically checked

Automatically checks referrer eligibly and that both employees are still active at the company when payouts are due.

Payouts automatically organized

Ditch the spreadsheets and eliminate any potential of manual error.

(Optional) Bonuses automated to Payroll

Eqo can integrate with most payroll systems and automate payments seamlessly

Employee Referral Solution

Capture In-Depth Employee Referral Data & Analytics

Employee Referral Tracking

Employee Referral Turnover Rate

Capture how your referrals are impacting your overall turnover.

Employee Referral Conversion Rates

Track conversions between each step of your funnel for your employee referrals.

Most Active Departments making referrals

Understand which departments are most engaged with your referral program.

Total Bonuses Paid & Recruitment Costs Saved

Provide a value based report for your executive team.

Quick & Seamless Integration with 30+ ATS & HRIS Systems

Eqo connects to all major ATS's and HRIS's to provide a seamless  experience for your admins, your employees, and your candidates.
Employee Referral Tool

The employee referral platform to attract more people like your best people

Eqo is the employee referral solution that saves you time and helps you attract and retain top frontline talent.