Increase Your Employee Engagement with Text Campaigns

Engage your frontline workforce with team-specific SMS hiring campaigns to keep your program socialized and active.

SMS Campaigns

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Employee Referral Platform

Target Short-Staffed Departments

Employee Referral Tracking

Department, location, & pay-group filters

Filter messages by department, location, and any other employee segmentation you have in your HRIS

SMS-based campaigns

Campaigns are sent via SMS to land directly where you're frontline is mostly at.

Easy opt-in/opt out

Fully compliant allowing your employees to opt-in or opt-out by texting STOP or OPT OUT

Employee Referral Platform

Maximize Employee Engagement All-Year

Employee Referral Engagement

Automated welcome text to new employees

Eqo sends an automated welcome text to your new employees at the 30-day mark to introduce them to the program.

New Job Alerts

Employees can subscribe to new jobs in their departments

All delivered through text

With an easy opt-in/opt-out for employees
Employee Referral App for Truck Drivers

The employee referral platform to attract more people like your best people

Eqo is the employee referral solution that saves you time and helps you attract and retain top frontline talent.