A Referring Experience Built For Your Frontline Workforce

Eqo helps you increase your frontline employee engagement with your program through a text-based experience. No app downloads or email logins required.

Employee Experience

iPhone mockup

Employee Referral Solution

Fully Text-based, No Apps Required

Employee Referral Tracking

Extremely Simple for your workforce

Eqo is built for your frontline workforce.

15 Second Referrals

Who wants another app on their phones?! No apps required.

No email or SSO logins

Frictionless employee referring experience for your frontline workforce.

Employee Referral Solution

Save Time Spent on Answering Questions

Employee Referral Tracking

Keep employees in-the-loop

Keep employees in-the-loop about their referrals and payouts. 

Automated text notifications

Employees get text notifications regarding updates on their referrals.

Text-based Employee Dashboard

Provide a mobile dashboard for your employees to track their referrals and corresponding payouts.

Employee Referral Solution

Maximize Employee Engagement All-Year

Leaderboards & Gamification

Automated leaderboard to recognize your top ambassadors engaging with your employee referral program.

Referral scores for every employee

Create a healthy referral behavior by rewarding those with a high referral rating score.

Automated welcome text to new employees

Eqo sends an automated welcome text to your new employees at the 30-day mark to introduce them to the program.
Employee Referral Gamification
Employee Referral Platform

The employee referral platform to attract more people like your best people

Eqo is the employee referral solution that saves you time and helps you attract and retain top frontline talent.