Companies that are telling their referral success stories right

Companies that are telling their referral success stories right

Tiffany Jin
July 11, 2024
2 min read
What is an employee referral program?
An employee referral program is a recruitment strategy where current employees recommend candidates from their network for job openings, often rewarded for successful hires.

I’ve previously written about how I believe a company’s employee referral culture goes hand in hand with an authentic employer brand. 

As someone who’s worked with teams around employer branding, I know that there is a great opportunity to show the wins more publicly and encourage that every employee referral program should involve consistent acknowledgement of employees who make successful referrals.

I gave some examples of how to do this, but in this post - I’m showing some examples of the companies who are doing this right! 

Public Leaderboard

Decker’s driver referral program includes a public leaderboard that shows total number of referrals made along with recognition for top referrers. 

They also run quarterly prize drawings that include raffles to win tablets and laptops AND a GRAND end of year prize for an additional cash bonus for the top referrer of the year. 

Creative Rewards

One Enterprise employee got an Airbnb gift card for her successful referral, showing that a referral bonus can get way more creative than just extra $ in your next paycheck. She was featured in a LinkedIn post…and I too wonder if she chose the beach or the mountains…


Baptist Health in Florida made a great video montage featuring countless employees naming who they referred to Baptist, why they referred and what motivated them to apply. 

Blog about it

Loved reading about the successful referral stories on company blogs. 

Bright Horizons featured the Duncan family where three family members are also co-workers! From talking about how they got started at Bright Horizons to asking what’s their favorite part about coming to work everyday - this family shares their happy stories

Bright Horizons has other success stories as well, as seen on their employee referral program page and below. They show they’re a place where family members and friends are also teammates and colleagues. 

Check out another great post on referral success stories by GoTo. It features several stories of ex-colleagues turned colleagues once again. My favorite part are the quotes from each team member about each other - everyone is each other's biggest hype person! 

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