Earn 15% referral commission for any customer your introduce

Eqo helps organizations increase their frontline employee engagement with their referral  program while eliminating any manual admin tracking.

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Customer Introductions

How it works?

Simply make the introduction and we'll take it from there.

Introduce us to a customer

We'll provide helpful copy-paste snippets and  videos to help with the introduction

We'll lead the demos & discussions

You can still join our discussions and demos with the customer if you'd like

Earn 15% on the contract once it's closed

Go for a massage. Take your partner, friend, or family out for dinner.
Let's Partner

Frequently asked questions

Common questions you might have in mind as a partner
Who can become a partner?
What challenges does Eqo solve for an organization?
Who's your ideal customer?
What makes Eqo different than other platforms?
Our 3 biggest competitive advantages are our 1) User Experience, 2) SMS campaigns, and our 3) Strategy support.

For employees, the experience is frictionless, fully-text based, and requires no app downloads. This helps you increase your employee engagement with your referral program.

Our SMS campaigns feature helps you keep your program socialized and allows you to find hires in areas you're short-staffed in by sending targeted SMS campaigns to specific teams, departments and locations.

Our Strategy support. We don't just give you our solution and say "Hey good luck! See you at renewal". We fully support you with employee engagement and adoption. You'll have a fractional employee referral program manager (at no extra cost) which will help with creative, marketing and program strategies.
How does pricing work?
We're an annual license model with unlimited admin seats and referrals. We price according to company-size.
How do I ensure my 15% is guaranteed?
How long is my introduction valid for?
Let's Partner
We care about your data in our privacy policy.
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