The new kid on the recruiting-tech block: Text-to-Refer

Tawfiq Abu-Khajil
December 3, 2023
2 min read
What is Text-to-Refer?
Launched by Eqo, Text-to-Refer allows frontline and field employees to refer candidates for job opportunities via text message, without the need to download a mobile app. It streamlines the referral process, makes it more accessible for frontline & field employees, and ultimately leads to increased

Employee referrals have been a top source of hires for many companies over the years. Generally, employee referrals accounted for 45% of all hires in 2020, making it the most effective source of hires. However, the process of referring someone was always limited to computer access or having to download an app, which was not always feasible for frontline employees.

Introducing Text-to-Refer

Enter "Text-to-Refer", the new kid on the recruiting-tech block. Eqo recently launched this groundbreaking feature that allows frontline employees to refer someone via text in just 15 seconds, without the need to download an app. This feature is similar to the popular "text-to-apply" functionality that has been gaining momentum in the recruiting world on the applicant side.

Built for the Frontline Workforce 

The beauty of "Text-to-Refer" is that it caters to the evolving needs of the modern frontline workforce. The need for accessible and convenient technology has become paramount to attract talent on the frontline. This new feature is a testament to the fact that technology is not just about making processes faster but also making them more inclusive and user-friendly for those without desktop access.

Eliminates Manual Tracking

In addition, "Text-to-Refer" also makes it easier for companies to track and manage referrals, reducing the administrative burden and improving the overall efficiency of the referral program. With this new technology, companies can easily integrate the feature with their existing HR systems and track referral progress in real-time.

Reduces Frictions (No App downloads needed) 

The benefits of this new feature are clear. By reducing the friction and making the referral process simpler and more accessible, it encourages more frontline employees to refer their friends and acquaintances for job opportunities without having to download any mobile apps. This, in turn, leads to increased engagement among frontline employees and ultimately results in more referral hires.

In conclusion, "Text-to-Refer" is a game-changer for the employee referral process. It streamlines the process, makes it more accessible, and ultimately leads to increased frontline employee engagement and more referral hires. Companies that embrace this technology are likely to see significant benefits in terms of improved hiring outcomes and a more engaged workforce.

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