Key Insights on Mobile Job Seekers

Key Insights on Mobile Job Seekers

Tiffany Jin
July 11, 2024
2 min read
What is a Mobile Job Seeker?
A job seeker who primarily searches for and applies to jobs through mobile devices. This makes it crucial for employers to ensure they keep the job search and application process mobile-friendly.

In an era where smartphones have become extensions of ourselves, it's no surprise that they're fundamentally altering the way job seekers find opportunities. A comprehensive study conducted by Glassdoor has uncovered key insights into the habits and preferences of mobile job seekers. We'll dive into the core findings of the report including the prevalence of mobile job searches, the industries leading this trend, and the occupations that are embracing mobile job hunting.

1. Mobile Job Search is the New Norm

With an astounding 77% of adults in the US owning smartphones, it's evident that these devices are an integral part of modern life. What's particularly intriguing is the transformation they've brought to job searching. A notable 58% of job seekers are now utilizing their mobile devices to scout for employment opportunities and 35% say they would prefer to apply on their phones. This statistic underscores the growing importance of mobile optimization for recruiters and employers aiming to stay relevant in this digital age.

2. Industries Embracing Mobile Job Seekers

Certain industries have emerged as pioneers in the mobile job search movement. The table below shows that sectors like hospitality, retail, and food services are at the forefront of mobile usage in job seeking. These industries, which often rely on a flexible and dynamic workforce, align seamlessly with the on-the-go nature of mobile job seeking.

Other industries with high concentrations of mobile job seekers include transportation (63.1%) and retail (60.2%). Industries with the least mobile job seekers include accounting & legal (47.2%) and biotech & pharmaceuticals (47.3%).

3. Occupations Leading the Mobile Charge

When it comes to specific occupations, some are more inclined towards mobile job hunting than others. The study identifies fields such as transportation, logistics, and warehousing as having the highest share of mobile job seekers. These roles often involve rapid turnover and a demand for quick hiring, making mobile devices an ideal tool for both job seekers and recruiters in these areas.

The table below shows the 20 occupations with the highest share of mobile job seekers. Not surprisingly, jobs where workers spend less time in front of a computer dominates the list. The job with the highest mobile usage was package handler, with 75.4% of job seekers using their phones to find these jobs, followed by restaurant manager (75.1%), truck driver (73.9%) and certified nursing assistant (72.9%).

With the majority of adults possessing smartphones and well over half of them using them to job hunt, recruitment does not look the same from even a few years ago. We find that certain industries and occupations are embracing this trend more readily than others, making it crucial for employers to adapt and optimize their strategies. Mobile-friendly platforms, engaging content, and seamless application processes are no longer optional but essential elements of recruitment. By embracing these insights, employers can position their strategies accordingly to attract top talent in an increasingly mobile world.

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