Introducing Eqo

Tawfiq Abu-Khajil
December 3, 2023
2 min read

Early this year - Tiffany, Luka and I took the leap of faith and founded Eqo.

What problem are we solving? What are we building? And Why are we building this?  

What problem are we solving?

Attracting & hiring great frontline talent is the #1 challenge for most companies today.

As word of mouth is proven to be the strongest marketing tool, 71% of US companies have an employee referral program. However, today, if you’re a large company, you have one of two options. 

You either manage and track employee referrals manually or use outdated solutions that were designed for employees sitting behind a desk.

Both options create an operational nightmare for your HR team and are inaccessible to frontline employees.

What are we building?

We're building Eqo – which allows frontline employees to refer someone via text while providing HR teams user-friendly software to automatically manage and track employee referrals.

Eqo saves the HR team valuable time by eliminating the need to manually track referrals through connecting with every major ATS & HRIS.

It increases frontline employee engagement with an organization's referral program by allowing them to refer someone in 15 seconds via text message without having to download any mobile apps.

Why are we building this? 

Tiffany and I have been in the Talent Acquisition-tech space for the last 5+ years and are passionate about building inclusive technology that helps companies attract, hire, and retain great people.

We had hundreds of conversations with TA teams and it was clear that manual referral tracking is a nightmare. The bigger issue is that the current referral tools in the market were not built for the 110M frontline workforce in the US.

So, we’re starting with making employee referrals accessible and less chaotic– but we’re just unlocking the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s chat if you’re looking to: 

  • Attract and retain frontline talent
  • Ditch  manual spreadsheets or an outdated software for employee referrals
  • Increase frontline employee engagement with your referral program

Please grab some time here.

One team, one dream.


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