How to Reduce your Time to Hire

Tiffany Jin
February 19, 2024
2 min read
What is time to hire?
Time to hire is a common recruiting metric. It measures the number of days between a candidate applying for a job and that same candidate accepting a job offer. It provides insight into your recruiting efficiency.

Here are some tips to shrink this timeline:

Leverage Talent Pools:

Proactively build and maintain a talent pool of qualified candidates who have expressed interest in your organization including previous candidates who may have been dispositioned for past jobs.This allows you to tap into a pre-screened pool of potential hires, reducing the time required for sourcing and initial assessments. Even if they weren't right previously, nurture these relationships for future opportunities. 

Streamline Interviews:

Structure interviews with standardized questions and criteria. This not only speeds up decision-making but also ensures a more objective hiring process. Implement minimum decision making & response time limits so that recruiters and hiring managers move swiftly through the process and avoid long gaps between interview stages for the candidate. 

Monitor Hiring Velocity:

Track how long each recruitment step takes. Identify areas for improvement; for instance, if sourcing is efficient but screening calls stall, it might be time to boost your recruiting team with tools automate certain parts of the process. Which brings us to the next point!

Embrace Tech Tools:

Outside just your ATS, invest in the right tools to help recruiter efficiency where needed. Video interviews, automated scheduling and recruiter enablement tools can speed up initial screenings, while data analytics from your system can pinpoint process bottlenecks for optimization.

Offer Competitive Packages:

Competitive compensation packages can expedite candidate decisions. Ensure your salaries stay competitive and in-line with industry/geography market standards, but beyond this highlight your extended benefits and company culture to make a compelling offer.

Tap into Employee Referrals:

Your current employees can be a valuable source for new talent. Encourage them to refer qualified candidates who align with your company culture. On average, employee referrals are on average 55% faster to hire.

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