Eqo Unveils Groundbreaking Feature Expanding Employee Referrals to Hiring Events

Tawfiq Abu-Khajil
February 14, 2024
2 min read
What is Eqo?
Eqo is the leading employee referral solution for organizations with a frontline workforce, helping you increase referrals while eliminating manual tracking.

Today, we unveil our latest feature designed to enhance the effectiveness of organizations’ hiring events by allowing employers to encourage employees to refer & invite candidates to these events.

Hiring events play a pivotal role in talent acquisition strategies, offering invaluable opportunities for organizations to connect with top talent. However, the success of these events often depends on effectively attracting qualified attendees.

While traditional employee referral programs have primarily focused on referrals to open positions only, we recognized the untapped potential of extending the influence of employee referrals to hiring events.

With Eqo's latest feature, organizations can now harness the reach and influence of their employees, enabling them to effortlessly refer and invite candidates to hiring events – and subsequently get rewarded if their referred friend attends the event and gets hired. Eqo's proprietary technology ensures that bonus amounts are automatically adjusted based on the role the candidate is hired for.

Employee referral software | Eqo

This groundbreaking addition enables organizations to seamlessly integrate their employee referral strategy with their hiring event strategy, transforming the recruitment landscape.

Furthermore, Eqo's new feature offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing organizations to utilize the platform for overall event management, including non-referral attendees, without the need for separate tools.

Transform you Hiring events. See our new feature in action!

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