Eqo welcomes TA-tech veteran Marcelo Mackinlay as a Strategic Advisor

Eqo welcomes TA-tech veteran Marcelo Mackinlay as a Strategic Advisor

Tawfiq Abu-Khajil
July 11, 2024
2 min read

Myself, Tiffany, Luka and the whole Eqo team are thrilled to welcome Marcelo Mackinlay as a Strategic Advisor! 

Marcelo joins us with a unique background spanning 30 years in Talent Acquisition Leadership and HR Technology consulting.  He has been a Talent Acquisition leader at organizations like Petco, Amazon, Boomi and ASML, and led Professional Services teams at Recruitsoft/Taleo, Mavix, and Cognizant.

Over his career, Marcelo has evaluated and bought HR and TA software, and consulted to public and private organizations to strategize, implement, optimize and lead change initiatives related to HR/TA technologies.  He has also owned TA programs, including Employee Referrals, Contingent Labor, Internships, Employer Branding, and Change Management/Training.

During his time at Petco, Marcelo served as the Director of Talent Acquisition Operations – where his role focused on the strategic and operational elements surrounding the recruitment function, contributing to its efficiency, effectiveness, and prominence within the organization. This encompassed overseeing Talent Acquisition processes, technology, and programs.

At Amazon and Boomi, he led recruiting delivery teams, and was responsible for determining Service Level Agreements, roles and responsibilities, alignment of resources to internal client groups, and ensuring timely delivery of metrics to support reporting requirements.  Both Talent Acquisition executive roles were global in nature - requiring hiring and onboarding team members in Asia, Europe and North America.  

Throughout his Professional Services career, Marcelo led functional and technical teams through structured SaaS/Cloud implementation methodologies to ensure scalable, predictable and repeatable processes and implementations. He has also been a part of over 250 successful Talent Acquisition technology implementations, including Applicant Tracking Systems, Candidate Relationship Management systems, and Video Interviewing platforms.

As an advisor to Eqo, Marcelo will be overseeing our customer implementation and success strategies, ensuring we deliver high-quality onboarding and strong vendor value to our customers. He will also be focusing on supporting our go-to-market strategy and how we accelerate our position in becoming a market leader in the employee referrals space. 

We are humbled and honored to welcome Marcelo to the team!

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