Eqo joins the iCIMS Marketplace to Help Organizations Attract Frontline Talent Through Text-Based Employee Referral Technology

Tawfiq Abu-Khajil
April 1, 2024
2 min read
What is the iCIMS Marketplace?
The iCIMS Marketplace is where iCIMS customers go to explore and leverage a wide range of recruiting solutions (that integrate with the iCIMS platform) to support their TA strategy.

In today's competitive labor market, finding top frontline talent is essential for business success. Employee referrals have emerged as a powerful tool in recruitment and retention, but engaging frontline workers in this process and manual admin tracking have presented significant challenges – until now.

Eqo, the leading text-based employee referral technology provider, now integrates with iCIMS to tackle these challenges head-on. By empowering frontline employees to become brand ambassadors and talent scouts, Eqo streamlines the referral process, eliminates manual admin tracking, and increases referrals from the frontline workforce.

Traditionally, engaging frontline employees in the referral program has been difficult due to accessibility and usability issues. However, Eqo's user-friendly platform makes it easy for frontline employees to refer candidates through text in 15 seconds – with no app downloads required.

Moreover, Eqo's integration with iCIMS coupled with connecting to all major HRIS systems automates the tracking process, eliminating the need for manual admin tracking on spreadsheets. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures a more accurate and efficient recruitment workflow.

By combining the power of text-based employee referral technology with iCIMS, the leading provider of talent acquisition technology, Eqo is allowing organizations to turn frontline employee referrals into their hiring superpower. 

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