Best 4 Employee Referral Software Solutions for 2024

Tawfiq Abu-Khajil
December 25, 2023
2 min read
What are the top employee referral software solutions for 2024?
In the realm of employee referral software for 2024, Eqo, specializing in frontline text-based engagement, takes the lead, followed by Intrro utilizing LinkedIn connections, ERIN's mobile app, and Boon's Slack tool tailored for startups.

A recent study showed that, in 2021, a mere 26% of organizations were considering using a digital solution for their Employee Referral Program. Fast forward to the end of 2023, and that number has surged to an impressive 59%. 

It's no wonder that companies are doubling down on adopting a digital solution for referrals. Employee referral programs not only reduce recruitment expenses but also significantly increase employee retention, attract high-caliber talent, and increase employee engagement.

In the landscape of Employee Referral Software, several solutions have emerged as frontrunners, each offering its unique blend of features and capabilities. 

Here are the top contenders making waves in 2024:

1. Eqo

Eqo is the employee referral solution specifically built for the frontline workforce. 

Standout features

  • Offers a text-based experience for employees – with no app downloads required
  • Allows TA teams to send team-specific SMS text campaigns to engage understaffed departments
  • Offers a fractional employee referral program manager to help with employee engagement and adoption (at no extra cost)
  • Provides in-depth admin data & employee referral analytics
Best for: Enterprise organizations with a frontline-field workforce, such as healthcare, construction, hospitality or retail

2. Intrro

Intrro is a referral solution that allows organizations to access their employees' LinkedIn networks and source talent through introductions. 

Standout features

  • Provides a Chrome Extension to allow employees to scrape their LinkedIn networks 
  • Allows your employees to match their LinkedIn connections to your open jobs 
Best for: Mid-market organizations with a corporate workforce that is active on LinkedIn 

3. Erin

ERIN is an employee referral mobile app that automates referral management and allows employees to make referrals through the app. 

Standout features

  • Offers a branded mobile application for referral submissions
  • Allows existing employees to apply to jobs themselves as well
  • Allows TA teams to send email and push notifications to promote jobs
Best for: Enterprise organizations with a frontline yet tech-savvy workforce, comfortable with downloading and using a mobile application

4. Boon 

Boon is an automated employee referral app in Slack.

Standout features

  • Allows employees to refer someone through Slack
  • Allows TA teams to send Slack announcements to bring attention to new positions
  • Offer employees the ability to track the progress of their referrals from within Slack 
Best for: Startups and fast-growing companies that utilize Slack

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