Amplify your Recruitment Marketing

Tiffany Jin
December 3, 2023
2 min read
What is recruitment marketing?
Recruitment marketing is using marketing strategies to attract and engage potential candidates for a job opening, creating a positive candidate experience and building talent pipelines. It's a creative approach to recruiting that uses marketing tactics to connect with top talent.

Recruiting top talent isn’t easy, but the important thing to know is that your organization needs the right knowledge and tools to market itself and recruit the best people. Here are a few ways to amplify your recruitment marketing strategy: 

Build a Strong Employer Brand

First things first, build a strong employer brand that showcases your company culture, values, and mission. It’s been shown that candidates trust employees more than they do those polished and over-produced marketing campaigns.This is an opportunity to share authentic stories of employees working at your company and the benefits they experience in their roles. 

Use Social Media like a Pro

Social media plays a powerful role in your recruitment marketing strategy as it allows you to get in touch with and build relationships with your candidates. Identify which platforms your target candidates use most frequently and create content that resonates - this can include job postings, company news and employee stories. Utilizing across different platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Tik Tok will help you increase engagement. 

Create Actually fun Job Descriptions

When creating job descriptions, focus on the benefits of working for your company, not just the duties. Use storytelling techniques to make the job more compelling and highlight how it fits into your company's mission and values. 

Implement not just Employee, but also External Referrals Programs

Employee referrals are a powerful source of quality candidates and most companies do run referral programs that encourage employees to refer their talented friends and ex-colleagues job openings by offering incentives like cash bonuses or extra vacation days. However, there is extra value in tapping into your external community. Get your community, alumni, partners, and even customers involved in your referral program. 

Become Data Obsessed! 

Finally, measure and analyze your results to optimize your recruitment marketing strategy over time. Use analytics tools to track the performance of your job postings, social media content, and other recruiting efforts. Consistently review your key performance metrics such as cost-peri-hire, application conversion rates and candidate experience feedback scores to ensure your marketing efforts are effective.

In short, to build a strong employer brand, use social media effectively, create engaging job descriptions, implement employee and community referral programs, and analyze your results. With these tips, you'll attract the best candidates and grow your team in no time!

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